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Urgent need: Assistance visiting 69 year old wheelchair bound woman


My name is Jessie Knowles Henry. I have been visiting an NCCer and valued member of the Barracks Row prayer team for the last few months. She suffered a stroke in 2014 and has been wheelchair bound since. She unexpectedly had her 16 hours of home health aide assistance reduced to eight hours on Friday 2/15. She has assistance coming Monday through Friday from 3pm-11pm. I am looking for any volunteers who are able to check on her throughout the morning/early afternoon this week. Specifically between the hours of 7am and 1pm. I am looking for someone to check on her for as much time as they can offer. Dropping by for 30 minutes to say hi and ask her how she is doing would be wonderful. I typically stay with her for an hour or two at most but any amount of time in this situation would be greatly appreciated.  She lives less than 1 mile from the Tenleytown-AU Station (4501 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC 20016). She is in a row house by herself. I am able to provide more information via telephone or email. Please contact me at 757-784-6031 or by email at 

Thank you!


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