Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about A1:8 Commons? We hope that these frequently asked questions can help. Should you have any additional questions, please email

How do you know the needs are legitimate?

Great question! Users that post needs are pre-approved and work directly with people experiencing a need, either through A1:8 initiatives or local nonprofit partners of NCC. If you have a concern about a need that's been posted, please email

How do I know what skills would be useful for me to post? Are my skills valuable?

Of course they're valuable! As you think through what skills to post, it may be helpful to look through the needs section of A1:8 Commons and respond to a skill that is needed as a first step. Otherwise, in the skill section, post any skill that you think would be useful within the A1:8 Causes. If you're bi-lingual, that's a skill! If you you have a driver's license, a car, and some free time, that's a skill! If you're a tax consultant, that's a really impressive skill!

What if I want to give cash?

Financial donations are wonderful! But accepting cash could get a little shady, so we don't allow for cash to be exchanged through A1:8 Commons. If you would like to donate financially, please give through NCC at instead. 

When should I accept filling a need?

Please only accept needs you can actually fill. These are real needs and we want to ensure that people get the help they need. If you accept a need and can't fill it, no problem! Just click Return to make it available again so someone else can fill it. Everybody wins!

How do I make the exchange of a resource or skill?

Whatever works best for you. Once a resource is claimed, a need is met, or a skill is requested, you will get matched with the other side of the request in order to communicate to meet and make the exchange. It's like online dating. Except that we need to clearly state that it is not online date. 

Will NCC help me make the exchange of resources?

You've got this! Whether you are the one giving the resource , or accepting the resource, it is between both sides to agree on a place and time to meet. Let's be considerate of each other and choose locations that both sides are comfortable with.

What if I have housing?

That's awesome! If you have a room or apartment that you would like to house someone in for free or low cost please email

Is this open to anyone or just NCCers?

Yes!! Posting resources and skills, and fulfilling resources, needs, or skills is open to anyone who creates a profile. However, posting of needs is limited and monitored by A1:8 staff. That way we can ensure that needs are legitimate.